if you ever think my shorts are “too short” i want you to consider the following

  • they are called “shorts”
  • i look great

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I wish none of you were sad

I wish there was peace and justice and wealth and happiness and good people around all of the planet

try and one up me again bitch

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feeling intimidated by people you want to be really good friends with


#feeling intimidated by people you’re already friends with

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  • What too many girls say in the mirror:
  • Ughh... my thighs.. my hair... my face.. my stomach.. I hate everything
  • What every girl should be saying in the mirror:
  • Goddamn, well hello there cutie patootie with the A + bootie
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NHL Free Agency Day One Summary
  • Panthers: signed pretty much everybody available.
  • Penguins: lost half their team in exchange for even more cap problems ... I bet Shero never would have left this happen.
  • Sabres: brought back Moulson and some of the most team spirited Montreal Canadiens.
  • Flyers: nothing
  • Canucks: for being Canadien got really American today #MILLER.
  • Blackhawks: *to busy calculating how to sign Kane & Toews*
  • Avalanche: the newest home of Jarome PICK A DAMN TEAM Iginla
  • Stars: Stanley Cup Champions 2015, calling it now.
  • Caps: Overpaid for Brooks Orpik.
  • Flames: looking pretty damn good actually
  • Coyotes: *still trying to remember they are the ARIZONA Coyotes now*
  • Red Wings: nothing.
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all you girls out there had that stage where you played online dress up games dont even lie

what do you mean had

what do you mean girls

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  • Would you rather..
  • date, kill or marry
  • This or that
  • Personal questions
  • Creepy anons
  • Random questions
  • Advice
  • Love/hate
  • Anonymous secrets
  • Anything you want!

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